Chrome OS 67 is testing an Android P-style system tray

Chrome OS 67 is testing an Android P-style system tray

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Chrome OS has been slowly evolving to a more Android-like operating system. In the last few months especially, we’ve seen an influx of Android features being added to Chrome OS. Some of the features include child accounts for apps, in-line notification replies, touch-friendly launcher, floating keyboard, and more. The first ever Chrome OS tablet was also just launched this week. The next step in the Android-ification of Google’s web-based OS is an Android P-style system tray.

The new system tray design was spotted in Chrome OS 67 by Reddit user “lucasban.” The Quick Settings toggles, colors, and icon shapes look exactly like the first Android P Developer Preview. This lines up with previous reports of Google skipping Oreo and going straight to Android P for Chromebooks. Check out the side-by-side comparison below.

You can see the colors and icons are nearly identical. The only slight differences are the disabled toggle (greyed out vs crossed out) and the slider handle shape. You can force the new look with the flag #enable-system-tray-unified. We’re not sure if the system tray has the same color behavior as the notification shade on Android P. The dark or light theme is decided by the color of the wallpaper in Android. It would be nice if Google would simply allow the user to select dark or light mode.

It seems more likely with every passing day that Chrome OS will eventually be a desktop version of Android. This makes a lot of sense for Google and it creates better experiences for users. A Chrome OS tablet with Android features is more useful than a full Android tablet. How do you feel about the future of Google’s web-based OS?

Source: /u/lucasban