Chrome OS 75 includes big performance updates for the Pixel Slate in tablet mode

Chrome OS 75 includes big performance updates for the Pixel Slate in tablet mode

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Google has partnered with a few companies to see if the premium Chrome OS market is viable or not. Chromebooks gained popularity for the most part due to their price compared to other laptops. They’ve been able to do the same in the 2-in-1 market as well, but again, mainly when the price is concerned. So far, the premium Chrome OS market has been met with mixed reviews and the latest product in the category from Google didn’t help that. Reviews of the Google Pixel Slate were mixed (mainly due to performance related issues) but the update to Chrome OS 75 should fix that up for some people.

The Pixel Slate was released in a number of SKUs, but even reviews of the higher-end models had complaints about the device’s performance. A big reason Chrome OS did so well in the price competitive laptop market was due to how light the OS is. Now, Google has put in a lot of work to turn Chrome OS into a more robust operating system and that may have caused the issues many have had. The folks over at About Chromebooks have pointed out a new change that could fix the performance issues of the Pixel Slate when it is in tablet mode.

The article cites someone on Reddit who is currently running the update and claims to have made the animations “buttery smooth.” It’s unclear which SKU this person is using though so that may or may not have something to do with it. Specifically, the person says the overview animation is great in both laptop and tablet mode, bugs with the UI and notifications have been fixed, and they’ve fixed the way they “sometimes showed squared vs. circled.” About Chromebooks went diving into the update themselves and noticed the same improvements the source mentioned in their post.

Anyone who has used the Pixel Slate will know when these issues appeared so this video can show you how much things have improved with this new Chrome OS update.

Via: About Chromebooks