Chrome OS 77 will have Google Assistant enabled by default

Chrome OS 77 will have Google Assistant enabled by default

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Google has always been dedicated to the majority of its user base and it wasn’t too long ago when it began to realize that mobile was the future for the company. They quickly shifted to a “mobile first” attitude and have used platforms such as Android to push many of its services to over 1 billion active users. Chrome’s dominance can be easily attributed to Android and the success of Google Assistant can as well. Google Assistant will continue to land on as many platforms as possible and now it will soon be enabled by default on Chrome OS.

Amazon may have been able to gain an advantage against Google in the smart speaker market by being early to market with the Echo. However, Google was able to slowly gain traction in the smart speaker industry while simultaneously blowing by Amazon when it comes to users of its virtual assistant services. Google has continued to leverage Android to push its services and its rollout of Google Assistant to the millions of Android users allowed them to quickly gain an advantage in the virtual assistant space.

Google has another operating system that runs of millions of affordable laptops, and that is Chrome OS. Back in October of last year, it was reported that Google was working on enabling Google Assistant on all Chrome OS devices. Many newer laptops and 2-in-1 tablets have been advertising the Google Assistant as a feature but older devices have had to wait. The writing was on the wall though, Google Assistant was coming to all Chrome OS devices in the future and it would be enabled by default.

The folks over at 9to5 Google have spotted a commit in the Chromium Gerrit that shows the feature will be enabled by default with the release of Chrome OS 77. As of right now, this version of Chrome OS is slated for public stable release sometime in September of this year. Anyone who wants to test this out right now can install the Canary branch of Chrome OS on their device (as it’s currently on version 77).

Via: 9to5 Google