Chromebook update adds Live Captions and more in Chrome OS 90

Chromebook update adds Live Captions and more in Chrome OS 90

Google has announced new features available in Chrome OS 90, including an update to the Launcher and the addition of Live Captions. The latter feature previously came to the Chrome browser, providing users with real-time captions for media with audio.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Google said Live Captions will be available to Chrome browsers on most Chrome OS devices in the coming weeks. To turn the feature on, go to Chromebook settings, then “Accessibility.”

Google is also making the Launcher more powerful. You can now perform simple calculations, check a word definition, and check the latest stock prices. You can also check the weather forecast. Just tap the Everything Button on Chrome OS and type your query into the search bar. The feature saves you time from opening up a Chrome window.


Meanwhile, Google is adding a Diagnostics app to Chrome OS. The app can help you troubleshoot your Chromebook by running tests and checking the status of your laptop’s battery, CPU, and memory. Google said if you notice your battery is draining faster than normal, the Diagnostics app might be able to tell you why. You can then save the test result in a session log and share it with customer support.

Finally, Google highlights a new scanning feature that previously came to Chrome OS. The feature allows users to scan items directly from your printer to your laptop, so you can easily digitize important documents. Of course, your printer must have scanning functionality. If it does, you can search for the Scan app by tapping the Everything Button, and then you can start scanning away.

Google has added a smattering of new features to Chrome OS this year, most recently in version 89, which arrived to celebrate the software’s tenth anniversary. Needless to say, the platform has grown a lot in just a few short months, and with features like Live Captions and an improved Launcher, it’s even better for work and play.

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