Chrome OS beta adds in-line replies for Android app notifications

Chrome OS beta adds in-line replies for Android app notifications

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Chrome OS has been steadily catching up to Android in terms of functionality. Android apps arrived in Chrome OS a few years ago, letting Chromebooks install apps from the Google Play Store. Since then, Chrome OS has received improvements for touchscreen use, such as support for a floating keyboard and Android-like lock screen notifications. The experience of using Android apps on Chrome OS has been improved as well with the addition of split screen in Android apps. Version 64 also gained true multitasking in Android apps.

In November, a commit in the Chromium Gerrit showed that in-line replies for Android app notifications was in development. Five months later, Googler François Beaufort says the functionality is available in the beta channel. This means that if an app allows in-line replies for notifications on Android the functionality will also be available on Chrome OS beta.

In-line replies for app notifications was added in Android Nougat. Chrome OS getting this feature after more than a year is another instance of the operating system catching up. In Android, in-line replies increase convenience and speed up the multitasking workflow as users no longer need to jump back-and-forth between different apps. Instead, they can reply directly from the notifications drawer.

Chrome OS users on the beta channel can now enjoy the same functionality. Users can type and hit enter to reply directly, without having to open the app. The feature is expected to arrive in the stable channel in the coming weeks. Overall, the recent improvements in the operating system have eliminated significant feature gaps in its functionality. There is still some way to go before it attains complete feature parity with Android.

Source: François Beaufort