Chrome OS is getting Android-like Screenshot Functionality

Chrome OS is getting Android-like Screenshot Functionality

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Chrome OS started out as an operating system for low-end hardware to have access to basic web browsing and office suite functionality. It has since evolved dramatically, with Chrome OS convertibles essentially taking over where the dying Android tablet ecosystem left off. But even with the ability to run Android applications natively on Chrome OS, the operating system still has work cut out for it before it can truly replace Android tablets.

This can even be shown through the method of taking screenshots on Chrome OS devices. A somewhat annoying button combination needs to be pressed on Chrome OS to take a full-screen screenshot, and an even more annoying, 3 button combination has to be pressed to take a partial screenshot. For a complete screenshot, ctrl + switch window key, and for a partial screenshot, ctrl + shift + switch window key.

What’s more, in tablet mode, you can’t even take a screenshot without a third-party extension. With 2-in-1 Chromebooks on the rise, users will need more than a keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot on their device. Thankfully, according to a new commit in the Chromium Gerrit, taking full-screen screenshots may soon become as easy as it is on Android. The commit linked above describes behavior already present in Android for taking a screenshot. By holding the power button and volume down, you can finally take a screenshot when in tablet mode.

Following all of the same behavior as Android (the commit even references it), Android users should find the new screenshot method pretty intuitive. As Chrome OS grows, it needs to support more and more features like this and not rely on workarounds such as installing an extension for basic functionality like taking a screenshot in tablet mode.

The upgrade should soon roll out to the Chrome OS Dev channel, and then the stable channel in the coming months.