Chrome OS notifications are about to get a lot less cluttered

Chrome OS notifications are about to get a lot less cluttered

Google has reportedly started working on updating the notification center in Chrome OS to offer users a more intuitive experience. As per a recent code change spotted on the Chromium Gerrit, the upcoming notification center will feature a new UI and notification grouping support.

While the code change mentioned above only adds a feature flag to enable the new notifications UI in a future Chrome OS build, Android Police has spotted a few additional details about the planned changes. As per a recent report from the publication, the new notification experience will feature a new UI and notification grouping support.


New code change in Chromium Gerrit highlights upcoming notification center revamp in Chrome OS

(Image: Android Police)

Although the code change doesn’t reveal much else about the upcoming changes, notification grouping will probably work like the feature on Android. Once released, the feature will likely group notifications from the same app together, making it easier for you to sort through them in the notification tray.

As far as the UI redesign is concerned, we believe that it may follow Google’s new Material You design standard. However, we can’t confirm this at the moment. Since the new Chrome OS notification system is currently in its early stages of development, enabling the new feature flag in Chrome OS Canary 93.0.4534.0 doesn’t change anything. But we expect to see it in action in upcoming Canary releases. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more about the updated notification system.

Chrome OS has received a couple of useful new features over the last few months. The latest update — Chrome OS 91 — introduced Nearby Share support, Android-style notification badges, new wallpapers, and more. We can’t wait to see what Google has in store for us in the upcoming Chrome OS updates.

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