Chrome OS will start recommending Android apps optimized for Chromebooks during setup

Chrome OS will start recommending Android apps optimized for Chromebooks during setup

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Chrome OS has been slowly evolving to be more like Android. What started as a glorified web browser has become a much more powerful OS with access to the Play Store. Google has been doing a lot of work to make the Android integration work even better, and now it looks like they are going to encourage users to take advantage of it. A new commit suggests that Chrome OS will recommend Android apps during the initial setup process.

As you can see above, Chrome OS, which is connected to your Google account, will know which Android apps you have installed on your Android devices. It will then show you the Android apps that are optimized for Chrome OS since not all are compatible.

The user will have the option to select which apps they’d like to download on the Chromebook. A dialog will then tell the user that the selected Android apps are downloading: “We’ll install those apps for you. You can find more apps for your device in the Play Store.” Setup will then continue while the apps are downloading.

Setting up an Android phone has a similar process. Once you sign in to your Google account you can see all the apps attached to it. You can select the ones you want and they will download in the background while you set up the phone. The Chrome OS setup is notoriously fast and easy, so this could be an unwelcome addition to some people.

If Google wants people to take Chrome OS seriously as a tablet OS, it will need to rely more on Android apps. Putting the Android integration front and center during setup will make sure everyone knows about it. The majority of Android apps are compatible with Chromebooks, so this should help people realize they can use their favorite apps.