[Update: Live] Chrome OS prepares to finally show “Release Notes” after an update

[Update: Live] Chrome OS prepares to finally show “Release Notes” after an update

Update (8/14/19 @ 10:45 AM ET): A new flag enables release notes with Chrome OS updates on the Canary channel.

If you own a Chromebook, then you’re probably aware of how seamlessly it handles updates. A new Chrome OS update will download in the background, install to the inactive partition, and then the OS will prompt you to reboot to quickly swap the currently active and updated inactive partitions. It takes less than a minute to complete an update, but once you update how do you know what’s changed?

While you can check the Chrome Releases blog to find a list of code changes, there’s no user-friendly way to get a summary of changes without waiting for a tech blog to write up an article. As spotted by ChromeStory, though, Google is adding a new flag to show “Release Notes” after a Chrome OS update. According to the feature description, the “Release Notes” feature:

Notifies user on login about release notes after their machine is updated. Clicking on notification or field in About Page launches the release notes PWA.

After logging in, the user will see a notification with the title “See what’s new on Chromebook” and the text “Get highlights from the latest update.” If the user clicks the “See what’s new” button, a Progressive Web App will launch to show the update notes. Currently, Google hasn’t defined a public URL for this PWA, so we can’t see what it’ll look like yet. The Release Notes notification can be disabled by the user, but after disabling it the user can re-enable it in Settings.

Once the commit is merged, the feature flag will be accessible at chrome://flags#release-notes. It’ll first go live in the Canary channel, as always. We’re not sure if Release Notes will be available for every update in the Canary and Dev channels given how frequently they occur, but it’s likely that Release Notes will be available for the Beta and definitely the Stable channels.

Update: Live

The Chrome OS Canary channel now includes the release notes feature. A new notification will arrive after a Chrome OS update has been installed. You can also access the release notes by clicking “See what’s new” on the About Chrome OS page.

The release notes themselves are displayed on a webpage titled “What’s new with your Chromebook?” The new features are shown with colorful icons and bold titles. Right now, the page appears to be preparing for the next stable channel release. Virtual Desks, Google Assistant support, Family Link, and more are mentioned.

Via: Chrome Story

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