PSA: Do not install the latest Chrome OS update

PSA: Do not install the latest Chrome OS update

Last week, Google released a new Chrome OS update on the stable channel. Since it was a stable release, the thought of running into serious bugs and performance issues wouldn’t have crossed the minds of most users. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what seems to be happening to many users who installed this particular update.

It turns out the latest stable update, Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.147, is not that stable after all. Many Chromebook owners are reporting (via Android Police) severe degradation in performance after installing the latest Chrome OS update. And we’re not talking here about opening multiple tabs in Chrome browser or juggling between apps. Even doing basic things like typing, navigating around the UI, and opening apps seem to grind the PC to a halt, as reported by various users. Performing the usual troubleshooting steps like disabling all extensions, performing powerwash, restarting the Chromebook, etc. isn’t helping either.


In some cases, the issue is tied with the high CPU usage, as many people are noticing up to 100% CPU usage when checking with the Diagnostics app.

Diagnostics app on Chrome OS showin the CPU usage

Meanwhile, some users are noticing extreme sluggishness even with perfectly normal CPU usage and nothing performance-hungry running in the background.

For what’s it worth, the issue doesn’t seem to affect all Chromebooks; some users in the Reddit thread say they haven’t witnessed such performance issues after updating to Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.147. Based on the available data, the issue seems to be limited to devices with grunt and hatch boards.

If you are facing the above-mentioned performance issues after installing Chrome OS 91.0.4472.147, consider starring this bug report in the Chromium bugs tracker. Alternatively, you can also press alt+shift+i on your Chromebook to send a report to the ChromeOS team. If you’re on the prior version of Chrome OS, we would strongly advise you to stay away from the 91.0.4472.147 version.

Are you facing any performance issues on your Chromebook after installing the latest Chrome OS update? Do let us in the comments below.

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