Chrome OS v62 Fixes KRACK Vulnerabilities, Revamps Notification Design

Chrome OS v62 Fixes KRACK Vulnerabilities, Revamps Notification Design

Chrome OS is Google’s platform for computers and laptops to act as an in-between of a full-blown OS and a light, productivity-based OS. With the whole Google suite of applications, Chrome OS is generally for people who don’t need a full computer experience but rather a lighter one. You can run Android applications, play some games and go on the internet on them, but they are not really intended for heavy usage. Google have just released version 62 Chrome OS, and with it come a number of fixes, most notably for the KRACK exploit. There are also a few new features listed below, which are taken from the Google Chrome OS stable channel update announcement.

  • Kerberos SSO integration for Active Directory managed Chrome OS devices
  • Ability to zoom legacy apps in tablet mode
  • Randomized Alternate Hosts for Captive Portal Detection
  • Chrome notification style & interactions refresh
  • Enhanced touch experience in Files app
  • Support for full-screen apps in Enterprise Public Session mode
  • ARC++ inbound network connections

As can be seen above, there are a few other small changes and performance optimisations. There’s not much else to be seen here in terms of the update, with the main focus being to fix the KRACK exploit. Of course there are some file manager enhancements and notification changes too. Taking a screenshot allows you to see the screenshot preview just like on Android, and also each notification has the application icon visible to the user so you know what application made it. It’s noteworthy that these are another set of changes which seem to indicate a push towards increasing the amount of shared features between Android and Chrome OS.

Overall, the main focus of this update is certainly security related. Devices should receive the update soon if they haven’t already, so upgrading as soon as possible is advised.

Source: Google Chrome OS Blog

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