Chrome OS adds Wi-Fi network syncing with your Google account

Chrome OS adds Wi-Fi network syncing with your Google account

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Chromebooks, like Android smartphones, all support a variety of backup and sync options. Because of that, switching between Chromebooks is incredibly easy, as logging into your Google account will pull in practically everything you need to get up and running again. From your apps, to bookmarks, to passwords, it really does do everything… except for one thing. Unlike on Android, your Wi-Fi networks wouldn’t sync to the cloud, meaning you’d need to re-add all of them manually. The feature has existed on Android for years. Chrome OS has finally added support for syncing your Wi-Fi networks with your Google account, according to a screenshot from XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username.

Chrome OS wifi network sync

The above screenshot was taken on Chrome OS 78 (Canary version), where you can clearly see the option to sync Wi-Fi networks. The feature currently looks to be exclusive to Chrome OS, though spotted by 9to5Google is a Googler casually mentioning that it may work cross-platform in the future. This would mean that all of your Android networks could sync to your Chromebook, and vice versa. It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for it not to be, given that Wi-Fi networks have backed up to your Google account for syncing to future Android devices for years.

Obviously, this feature does mean that you’ll need to login to at least one network first. After that, though, your Wi-Fi network passwords would be pulled in at the same time as everything else you use on your Chromebook. While some may have worried that this would be a never-to-materialize Chrome OS feature, it seems that Google is pushing ahead with it. 9To5Google notes that Google attempted to commit to the feature way back in 2014, but didn’t for unknown reasons. That doesn’t seem to be the case now, though, as it looks to have gotten further already than it did before. Chrome OS 78 is expected to be released to stable at the end of October, though that may change as it nears closer to the time.