Chrome Supports Android O’s PiP Mode When Watching Videos

Chrome Supports Android O’s PiP Mode When Watching Videos

Picture-in-picture mode is a highly anticipated feature that could actually flop if enough 3rd-party applications don’t end up supporting it. So far, we’ve seen support for PiP mode come to applications such as Duo, Google Play Movies and VLC’s latest beta update. So we’re seeing a lot of focus from Google’s 1st-party applications but since Android O is still only available as a developer preview, 3rd-party support has been slow right now.

We hope this will change as Android O becomes stable and starts landing on the popular smartphones and tablets on the market. Late last night though, it was discovered that Google had added support for Android O’s PiP mode to their Chrome web browser application. This only activates when a video is playing within the Chrome browser (stable branch works for me) in full screen mode and it will likely stay like this for the foreseeable feature.

To activate this feature, you’ll need to start playing a movie and then expand it so that the video covers the entire screen. From here, there are two ways to activate the PiP mode for Chrome. You can simply reveal the navigation bar with a swipe and then press the home button. This will take you to the homescreen and you’ll see the video is still playing in PiP mode right on the launcher you’re using. You can move this windows around just as you would expect with Android O’s PiP mode.

If you would rather switch to another application while you’re watching this video though, you can tap the overview button instead of the home button. This will shrink the video into PiP mode and then show you the typical overview page with all of your recent applications. So you can find the application you’re wanting to switch to while you continue to watch the video.

Source: Android Police

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