New Google Chrome test adds a share button to the top toolbar

New Google Chrome test adds a share button to the top toolbar

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Towards the end of last year, Google rolled out a bunch of new changes for Chrome on Android and we spotted a few more features that are currently a work in progress. These include a new UI for Chrome’s new tab page, a screenshot editor, a custom share sheet, a duet-friendly UI for tab groups, and more. Since then, Google has released a few of these features and we’ve spotted some more upcoming features that are currently being tested with a small set of users. Earlier this month, Google started rolling out the Chrome 80 update for Android and desktop, bringing some security features to the browser. And now, we’ve spotted yet another upcoming feature that will add a share button to the top toolbar in the browser.

Chrome Android Share button (1)

The new share button in the top toolbar is currently available as an experimental flag in the latest Chrome Canary update. While the feature isn’t enabled by default, you can enable it by navigating to chrome://flags#share-button-in-top-toolbar. The feature is only available for Android devices and, as you can see in the screenshot below, it adds a share button right next to the tab and menu in the top toolbar. As you’d expect, the feature will allow you to easily share webpages with a single tap.

This is a welcome addition because in the current version of Chrome sharing pages requires you to open up the menu by tapping on the three-dot icon and then select share from the following drop-down menu. It’s worth noting that Google has been working on the commit that implements this flag since December and it’s quite likely that the company will run a trial with a small percentage of users before making the feature available in the stable channel.