Chrome v42 Brings Push & Notification APIs for Web Devs

Chrome v42 Brings Push & Notification APIs for Web Devs

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Yesterday was Wednesday and as has become the norm on Wednesdays, Google pushed out updates for several of its apps. Among them was Chrome, with the stable channel being updated to v41 and the beta channel being updated to v42. While the changes in v41 such as pull-to-refresh have been around for a while on the beta channel, the release of v42 brought about new features such as Promote Add to Homescreen and Push Notifications on the web.


Of the new additions, push notifications on the web is perhaps the most significant. As it stands, websites lack a medium of interaction with the user for relaying notifications, often resorting to models or in-site notification bars. The two added APIs, Push API and Notification API allow developers to send push notification through the native channels on the device, for example, using the status bar and notification shade on Android.

User experience on the web is largely fragmented, and Chrome’s ability to use native channels is a strong push in the right direction, unifying the notification methods across multiple sites. HTML5Rocks also has an extensive tutorial on this topic, guiding you from registering for push notification to debugging and finalizing them.