Chromebooks with 4K Display Resolutions may be on the way

Chromebooks with 4K Display Resolutions may be on the way

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A lot of people felt that the resolution bump to Quad HD on smartphones happened too quickly and simply wasn’t necessary at all. Granted, higher resolution displays on smartphones does make for a better VR experience, but only recently has mobile VR really matured to take advantage of these displays. Chromebooks followed this path and right now there are a number of devices with Quad HD resolution displays on the market. However, a new commit from the Chromium Gerrit suggests the existence of 4K Chromebooks.

Just like when smartphones with Quad HD panels were first introduced, the idea of a Chromebook with an Ultra HD panel may seem out of place. Displays of this resolution are becoming more common among the enthusiast desktop market even though the most expensive video cards can struggle to play current games at 4K with maximum graphical settings.

Now, a big beefy desktop computer that plays games at this high of a resolution is one thing, but what about laptops? As laptops are starting to catch up in terms of performance with newer hardware, we’re starting to see more laptops on the market that include an Ultra HD screen. Thus, it would make sense for this display technology to eventually trickle down to top-of-the-line Chromebooks, right? Indeed, the new commit actually explicitly mentions “upcoming 4K Chromebooks” in reference to updating the Chrome logo to increase its resolution.

However, the commit message states this in a joking manner as the full quote reads “as an added bonus, this logo is not only much rounder but also higher resolution, making sure it will continue to look crisp and pretty on our secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks.” We definitely won’t see the typical Chromebook using a 4K display anytime soon because the average Chromebook is made to be affordable. However, there is a new segment of Chromebooks that want to compete with the likes of the Apple MacBook and the Microsoft Surface and we saw Google launch one of these last year with the highest specification Pixelbook that will cost you $1,750.

Source: Chromium Gerrit Via: Chrome Unboxed