Chromebook gaming to get more viable with Steam Sync in GeForce NOW, preloaded Stadia web app

Chromebook gaming to get more viable with Steam Sync in GeForce NOW, preloaded Stadia web app

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service added Chromebook support in beta last month, giving Chromebook users a chance to experience demanding games on their devices. However, the first beta version of the service didn’t include Steam Sync and Highlights support for Chromebooks. Now, NVIDIA has finally released Steam Sync support for Chromebooks with its weekly game update.

For the unaware, Steam Sync in NVIDIA GeForce Now allows users to sync their Steam library with the service and play all supported games they already own on the platform. Chromebook users can now sync their Steam libraries to GeForce NOW by heading to the Game Sync option in Settings. The feature will automatically identify games in their Steam library that are supported by GeForce Now and add them to the “My Library” section within the app. Do note that users will have to update their GeForce NOW library after each new Steam purchase to add the new game to the service. But Steam Sync support isn’t the only cloud gaming improvement coming to Chromebooks.


According to a recent report from Chrome Story, a recent code change request in Chrome OS reveals that Chromebooks will soon come with the Google Stadia web app preloaded. Currently, the Stadia app for Android is not supported on Chrome OS devices and users are expected to use the Stadia web app instead. Since a lot of users aren’t aware of this, Google is working on preloading the Stadia app in Chrome OS.

Google Stadia Chromebooks preloaded

The code change request in question states: “[Default Apps] Add Stadia to the default app order” and “Add the Stadia app ID and preload it after Duo on the first page.” The feature request bug also states: “Issue 1125414:[Default Apps] Preload Stadia on eligible devices.” This confirms that eligible Chrome OS devices will soon come with the Stadia app preloaded.

Stadia Web App preloaded Chromebook

The publication also notes that Chrome OS devices will come with the Stadia web app preloaded and not the Android app. Evidence suggesting this was spotted within the code change request, where it clearly states: default_web_apps : : kStadiaAppId and Generated as web_app : : GenerateAppIdFronURL (GURL ("")). Thanks to this, we can confirm that new Chromebooks will come with the Google Stadia web app preinstalled. The preloaded Stadia web app, coupled with the recently released NVIDIA GeForce NOW Steam Sync support, will make Chromebook gaming a more viable experience.

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