A new Chromebook tablet may support wireless charging

A new Chromebook tablet may support wireless charging

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Wireless charging is having a bit of a renaissance. There have been smartphones with wireless charging for nearly a decade, but it only recently really took off. It’s certainly handy for phones, but you can’t easily use a phone and wirelessly charge it at the same time because the device needs to stay docked. Laptops and tablets are more stationary devices, and it looks like wireless charging may be coming to Chromebooks.

The folks at Chrome Unboxed discovered a couple of upcoming Chrome OS tablets over the weekend. The devices are using the codename “Flapjack” and appear to come in 8 and 10-inch sizes with the Mediatek 8183 processor. There’s not a ton of information on these mysterious tablets yet (we don’t even know who is making them), but one interesting tidbit is the potential inclusion of wireless charging. A commit clearly states flapjack/wpc: Enable wireless charge P9221-R7 for flapjack. Wireless charging isn’t new to the world of tablets either, but this would be the first Chromebook with the feature.

Wireless charging is a useful thing for tablets. You tend to use these devices more casually, which means they spend more time on end tables than in your pocket. It’s also much more comfortable to use a tablet while it’s propped up on a charging stand or flat on a desk. Again, we don’t know a lot about these tablets, but we’re intrigued. Would you use wireless charging on an 8 or 10-inch device?

Via: Chrome Unboxed