Chromebooks and tablets exploded in popularity this year, according to Canalys

Chromebooks and tablets exploded in popularity this year, according to Canalys

Google’s constant efforts to make Chrome OS a viable alternative to Windows and macOS finally seem to be paying off. According to a recent report from Canalys, Chromebooks were the best performing client PC product in Q3 2020, with a 122% YoY growth in shipments. Chrome OS-powered devices dominated the PC category (in terms of growth) with a total of 9.4 million shipments in just the last quarter alone. In comparison, ultra-slim notebooks saw 57% YoY growth in shipments and clamshell notebooks saw a 1% YoY growth, while desktop workstations saw a decline of 27% YoY, and tower and small desktops saw a decline of 33% YoY.


Canalys Q3 2020 Client PC products YoY growth

The report reveals that HP led the Chromebook market with 3.2 million units sold in the time period, with an annual growth of 116.9% and a market share of 34.1%. Lenovo took the second spot with an annual growth of over 300% and a market share of 18.9%. The remaining three spots in the top five were occupied by Dell, Acer, and Asus, in that order.

Worlwide Chromebooks shipments Q3 2020 Canalys

Talking about the sudden rise in popularity of Chromebooks in the quarter, Canalys Analyst Ishan Dutt noted:

“Chromebooks emerged as the centerpiece of the education segment’s digital response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty in how school terms will proceed remains at the forefront of educators’ minds in the face of secondary lockdowns and protocols related to dealing with infections within a school’s population. As a result, institutions turned to Chromebooks to deliver a relatively budget-friendly and easy to manage contingency to ensure minimal disruption over the course of the school year.”

Along with Chromebooks, the tablet market also saw impressive growth in the quarter due to similar reasons. The worldwide tablet market saw a 43% YoY growth, with 44.3 million units shipped in Q3 2020. As expected, Apple led the tablet market with over 15.2 million units sold, a growth of 47% over last year.

Worlwide Tablet shipments Q3 2020 Canalys

Samsung took the second spot with an impressive 79.8% growth, and over 9 million units shipped in the quarter. Huawei, Amazon, and Lenovo took the remaining spots in the top five list. The tablet market has been on the decline since 2015, and the last two quarters were the only quarters of growth in the last five years, Canalys noted.

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