Chromecast 1.8 Custom Wallpapers, Chrome Updated to 38

Chromecast 1.8 Custom Wallpapers, Chrome Updated to 38

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Last Friday, we saw the release of Google+ version 4.6, which brought Google’s Facebook competitor a bit more inline with the latest Material Design UI guidelines. Now just a few days later, Google is gracing our Android devices with two new updates, Chromecast 1.8 and Chrome Stable v38.

First up, we have an update to the Chromecast companion app, bringing us to version 1.8.22. The Google Chromecast has always been lauded for its aesthetically appealing backgrounds. But now with today’s update, users are finally allowed to personalize their Chromecast devices with custom backgrounds. You can also enable weather updates, satellite images, and news headlines, just like what was mentioned back at I/O earlier this year.

Next, we have an update to Chrome Stable, which brings us to version 38.0.2125.102. Much like we saw in last month’s Chrome Beta v38 release, we have new Material Design UI tweaks, as well as the new highlight to search feature that is activated when highlighting a word in the browser and clicking on the new G icon.

As always, both of these updates will begin rolling out to consumer devices over the next few days. However, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored the APKs on our Google Drive for your early access, sideloading pleasure. Head over to the links below to get started:

[Many thanks to Portal Supporter MihirGosai for the APK!]