Chrome OS will soon let you briefly open your phone apps right from your Chromebook

Chrome OS will soon let you briefly open your phone apps right from your Chromebook

Chrome OS has had native Android app support for some time now, allowing you to run a wide range of Android apps on the big screen of your Chrome OS machine. And soon, it will let you mirror apps installed on your smartphone on your Chromebook.

Back in February, we discovered evidence that Chrome OS was developing a feature that might let you mirror your phone’s screen on a Chromebook. Then in June, we found further evidence within the Google Play Services APK that Google would soon let users stream apps from their phone to a connected Chromebook. Now, well-known Android tipster and former XDA Editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman, has spotted that the feature has finally been incorporated within Chrome OS.


As per a recent tweet from Mishaal, this new feature will let users conveniently launch apps installed on their phones directly on their Chromebooks. As you can see in the screenshot attached below, the feature will be part of Phone Hub. The feature description mentions that it will allow you to “temporarily use your phone apps right from your Chromebook.”

Presumably, when you receive a notification on your phone, and it’s forwarded to your Chromebook, you will be able to click on it to open the said app in a window for a brief period.

The ability to temporarily open mobile apps on a Chromebook isn’t live yet in the current build of Chrome OS. The setting is there, but right now, when you receive a notification and click on it, it results in an error. The feature may go live alongside the launch of the Pixel 6, which is scheduled to launch tomorrow.

As mentioned above, the new feature will be part of the Chrome OS Phone Hub. For the unaware, Phone Hub was added to Chrome OS with version 89, allowing users to seamlessly connect an Android phone to a Chromebook. It lets you check your phone’s battery life, locate your phone, receive notifications, turn on/off the Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

We’ll keep an eye on this upcoming Chrome OS feature and follow up with an update once it goes live.

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