ChromePie Lets You Navigate the Web in Google Chrome with Pie Controls

ChromePie Lets You Navigate the Web in Google Chrome with Pie Controls

Surfing the web on an Android device perhaps isn’t the most smooth experience one can have, especially when compared with using a PC. Maybe the screen is not big enough or not that responsive, or the words displayed are too small. Or maybe the browser you’re using is at fault, which, on many occasions, it tends to be for many people. If you’re using Google Chrome, and feel that its UI is not quite optimal, XDA Forum Member JT5 has developed an Xposed module that hopes to alleviate this problem.

Called ChromePie, the module essentially lets you navigate Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta with pie controls. Actions include:

  • Back, forward, refresh, new tab, new incognito tab, close tab
    • Add bookmark, history, request desktop site, find in page
    • Add to home, share, scroll to top, full screen

As one may ascertain from its functions, ChromePie offers a practical solution to any gripes one may have with Google Chrome’s UI by allowing quick navigation to many of the most used functions of the browser, such as opening and closing a tab, adding bookmarks, and more. The module has been tested on JT5’s Nexus 5, but it should work with any other Android device with the Xposed Framework installed.

To check out the Xposed module yourself, head over to the ChromePie application thread for more details.

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