Chromium 64 Brings Unified Autoplay: Videos With Sound Won’t Always Play Automatically

Chromium 64 Brings Unified Autoplay: Videos With Sound Won’t Always Play Automatically

Autoplay can be greatly beneficial on certain websites and for certain usecases, but it’s also known to annoy users who don’t want random videos creating distractions all over the screen — especially if autoplay initializes annoying sounds, prompting us to frantically look for and annihilate (or pause) the culprit. Chromium has a partial answer to that with its latest revision.

Chromium is the open-source basis for Google Chrome. It lays the foundations for the popular Chrome browser and the features it contains will make its way to the platform. Chromium 64 is an iterative release, and with it come some new features relating to the automatic playing of videos. Chromium will now only autoplay videos that do not have sound, or if the user has indicated an interest in such content. This will now match the desktop versions of Chromium, meaning a more unified experience across devices and web designers can treat both platforms as one. What’s more, users can specify whether they want audio to play on certain sites or not, allowing them to decide which sites are muted, and toggling sound persists across browsing sessions. You can check out the roadmap provided by the Chromium team to get an idea of the future they are working towards! There are three primary goals they want to achieve with autoplay.

  • Provide user control over what content can autoplay
  • Enable legitimate uses of autoplay without complicated workarounds
  • Make progress towards consistent policies across mobile and desktop platforms

These are the three mains aims the team are working towards, and with version 64, they appear to have begun tackling them. The first goal has been achieved and they’ve made progress on the second one. I’m not a fan of autoplay, but I can see the benefits of it. Hopefully if we are to see autoplay remain in use, we will see it applied in a non intrusive and beneficial way that gives the user more control over their browsing experience.

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