Clavis Keyboard, a PC-like Keyboard for Your Tablet

Clavis Keyboard, a PC-like Keyboard for Your Tablet

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Ever wanted a PC-like keyboard for your tablet? One that could make use of all the screen estate, offer easy access to special and accented characters, and then some? That’s what XDA Forum Member Woragh wanted, but he couldn’t find any that fit all of his needs. And thus, Clavis Keyboard was born.

Clavis Keyboard is a full PC keyboard aimed at tablets and designed to take advantage of the bigger screens. It has all the features you’d expect from your PC’s keyboard, such as modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) for special characters input, hotkeys (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-A) for text editing, and different layouts similarly to real life keyboards.

That’s not all, though. Clavis comes with some special hotkeys that make interacting with your tablet easier: you can directly search for the selected text on Google with Ctrl-G, send an email with the selected text pre-filled using Ctrl-M, open up your web browser with Ctrl-W and more. You’re also able to define and paste your own custom macros (up to 10) with Ctrl-{Number}.

Several customization options are also available, such as forcing fullscreen text field editing, changing the keyboard’s height, vibrating on taps and many more. A dozen themes are offered as well, and Clavis can even automatically switch between a day and night theme if you want it to.

If you’re looking for a PC-like keyboard but don’t want to invest in a hardware keyboard and then having to carry it around, check Clavis Keyboard out. It’ll offer you that and then some, all for the low price of $0.00. The developer is also happy to hear about any questions or requests you might have, so go on and visit the forum thread!