Clear Out the Junk on Your Hard Drive with CleanMyPC, Now $19.99

Clear Out the Junk on Your Hard Drive with CleanMyPC, Now $19.99

When you buy a new computer, everything runs smoothly. But after a while, software starts to crash and pages take forever to load. Partly what causes this slowdown is a growing pile of unseen junk on your hard drive. CleanMyPC helps you clear out these old software updates and forgotten files with a couple of clicks. It also helps you maintain privacy by shredding unwanted data. Right now, you can download the software for $19.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

You can think of your hard drive as a giant library. The more you add, the longer it takes to find what you’re looking for. Deleting digital junk by hand takes time, but CleanMyPC helps you complete the process in minutes.

The software scans your drive, looking for files you might want to delete. The search includes Windows Registry, app caches, log files, and other files you haven’t opened for some time. CleanMyPC then comes back with a list of results. You can either delete the lot with one click, or select what you want to remove.

In addition, CleanMyPC lets you properly uninstall software and disable autorun programs for a quicker start-up. You can also wipe your entire online history with a click, and disable Hibernation.

This highly-rated app is normally $39.95, but you can download it now for $19.99.


CleanMyPC: Single License – $19.99

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