Clubhouse rolls out in-room chat for when you want to participate nonverbally

Clubhouse rolls out in-room chat for when you want to participate nonverbally

For the past two years, people have been increasingly depending on the online world — as merely having a coffee with your loved ones can put you all at risk. On the internet, people can socialize without having to worry about a virus that has taken many lives and disrupted world economies. And that’s how Clubhouse started to gain traction, by brining a relatively new form of socialization to the table. People wanted to hang out with others safely, and the existent social media platforms mostly revolved around text and media. They lacked the real-time voice aspect that people have been seeking during the pandemic. On Clubhouse, users get to chat with friends or strangers through live audio rooms. The concept eventually got adopted by other popular platforms — such as Twitter and Reddit. In its latest update, though, Clubhouse has added in-room text chat support for nonverbal communication.


Clubhouse has announced in a blog post that it’s bringing text chat support to its iOS and Android apps. The platform already supports direct messaging through its Backchannel feature. However, until now, users hadn’t been able to communicate inside rooms nonverbally. Whether you have (online) stage fright, are sitting in a noisy environment, or just don’t feel like speaking, you can now express your ideas by texting the entire room.

The company highlights how the feature works, mentioning that creators will always be in control of in-room chats. They decide if the feature is enabled in their rooms and get to delete any of the participants’ messages. Fortunately for the listeners, they are allowed to delete their own messages — in case a typo occurs or for other reasons. Additionally, anyone can report a message if it violates Clubhouse’s guidelines. If a creator needs help with moderation, they can assign mods that have message deletion privileges as well. And lastly, when a room is over, those listening to the replay can see the old text chats — without being able to add new messages to them.

The update is currently rolling out for iOS and Android users. If the feature is enabled in a room, you can access it through the bottom left Chat button — next to the Share and Clip icons.

Do you still actively use Clubhouse? If so, what do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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