Download and Install Every CM App with CM App Installer

Download and Install Every CM App with CM App Installer

Over the years, CyanogenMod has bloomed into an absolute powerhouse with its ROMs appearing on a number of fantastic devices such as the OnePlus One and the Oppo N1. Because of its popularity and wide usage, it isn’t very surprising that many people have grown accustomed to and have developed a preference for the custom apps that they’ve packaged into their ROMs. Unfortunately, if you own a phone that is running another ROM, or does not ship with CyanogenMod, the only way that you can use these custom CM apps is to manually download and install them yourself.

With this said, CM App Installer is an app that makes this process an absolute breeze. Developed by XDA Forum Member TheMentalGoose, the app will pull the most updated versions of CM apps and try to install them into your device’s system. The app will try to do this via either a non-rooted or rooted method, however it is recommended that you try the non-rooted method first. This is because the rooted method was designed to be only a very last resort as it may possibly cause errors. Furthermore, CM App Installer saves you the hassle of backing up any CM apps you may currently have installed as it does this automatically.


So, if you’ve always had a soft spot for CM apps, head over to the CM App Installer application thread for more information.

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