Code Names Revealed for Unreleased HTC Devices

Code Names Revealed for Unreleased HTC Devices

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HTC hasn’t had the best of luck, financially, for a while now and the company really needs something innovative to turn itself around. This is why last week’s discovery of a concept phone was so interesting for those who are still rooting for the Taiwanese handset maker to make a come back. The video surfaced among the Android community thanks to a tweet sent out by none other than Evan Blass.

The video came from the personal website of Danelle Bermeulen where she described it as a “conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from HTC.” Still, Evan suggested his followers check out the video before it got pulled. It wasn’t long after Evan’s tweet that the video post had a password on it to prevent anyone from looking at it, and now the entire website has a password to hide all of its content.

Thankfully, the video is still up in Evan’s tweet and it shows off an interesting interface that could be used in an upcoming HTC smartphone. The video calls the smartphone Ocean, and gives the unique interface the name Sense Touch. The whole idea is there aren’t any buttons on the side of the device, but you can interact with the software by touching and swiping on various sides of the metal frame. Remember, HTC is teasing a flagship with the phrase “#BeEdgy” — could that be related to this concept?

Again, this was called a concept video by Danelle, but a day after Even sent out that tweet, LlabTooFeR replied to it with three different code names. LlabTooFeR is a well known HTC leaker and community developer for HTC devices. So it’s interesting that even though Danelle says it’s only a concept video, there are 3 devices known internally at HTC called Ocean Master, Ocean Note, and Ocean Smart. As with all internal projects, these could be trashed before they even get close to going into production.

But this video could be a look at what an upcoming HTC smartphone looks like, or how it functions with that Sense Touch technology.

Source: @LlabTooFeR