Learn Java with CodeGym’s Online Course and Virtual Development Environment

Learn Java with CodeGym’s Online Course and Virtual Development Environment

If you plan on becoming a programmer, you need to learn how to code. There are many different ways you can go about learning how to code, but CodeGym offers a complete solution in their online java course. With over 240,000 registered users, CodeGym’s Java course is one of the most in-depth online courses for learning Java from scratch. Even if you’re an experienced user, you choose from 1200 practical coding tasks to sharpen your skills.

This Java course aims to provide all the resources needed to learn Java online, and not have to worry about forming an online study group. You can study on CodeGym wherever you are, and learn at your own pace. This is the ideal way to learn code. This course is focused on practicing  different tasks that will hone your skills. While being 80% practice, there are over 500 hours a lessons available. All of your solutions to the tasks are verified by a virtual teacher who will also provide you with with notes and suggestions. The course features a visual teaching experience, utilizing story telling, motivation, gaming and other techniques to keep you engaged throughout.


CodeGym integrates IntellijIDEA so you’ll be able to get used to using one of the most popular IDEs. A special plugin is used to create the virtual coding environment for you to complete your tasks in.

The Java course from CodeGym is made up of 40 different levels. Once you have completed most of the tasks in your current level, you will gain access to the next one. At first, you’ll learn small and simple tasks. As your skills improve, you’ll move on to larger more complex tasks where you’ll really learn how your skills can be implemented. Once you’ve reached the end of the course, you will have completed over 500 hours of practical experience.

To keep your learning experience engaging and more exciting, CodeGym uses a number of different tactics that makes it superior to other online courses. You’ll find high quality visualizations, stories, graphics, games, and many other techniques that will be used to make this course more effective.


There is a strong Java community around CodeGym, which you can use to exchange ideas and get help with the different courses. With over 600 lessons on theory, you’ll be able to discuss what you’ve learned with other coders taking the course.

After learning Java and practicing your new skills, the CodeGym course provides targeted preparation for job interviews. You’ll get everything you need to learn Java and begin finding a job. Get started now using the link below.

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