Codename “Kalista” is a new Chromebox under development

Codename “Kalista” is a new Chromebox under development

A recent commit to in the Chromium Git indicates that developers have started work on a new Chromebox codenamed Kalista.

Kalista doesn't have a keyboard, or backlight, indicating it's a Chromebox.

Kalista doesn’t have a keyboard or backlight, indicating it’s a Chromebox.

Aside from its form factor, not much else can be said for the exact specifications of Kalista. The only other detail we have is it’s yet another Kaby Lake Chromebox and it will make use of speedy NVMe storage.

What should pique interest, however, is that this is a “baseboard.” Baseboards are usually reference boards from which many different devices are spawned. The Coral baseboard and corresponding overlay, for example, has roughly two-dozen different SKUs.

Kalista marks the first baseboard since “Fizz” to target the Chromebox form-factor. Fizz actually has the same chipset (Kaby Lake) and spawned the latest generation of 2018 Chromeboxes from a range of different brands from Acer to Viewsonic. It’s unclear why the developers have branched out yet another Kaby Lake Chromebox. Perhaps it’s to target slightly different form factors— maybe even a new generation of “Chrome-on-a-stick” Chromebits.

While the addition of a new Chromebox platform hardly comes as a surprise, its presence indicates that it will depart from Fizz’s hardware configuration in some way. We look forward to seeing just how different it will be.