Collabora Office updates its office suite for Android with support for Chromebooks

Collabora Office updates its office suite for Android with support for Chromebooks

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Collabora Office is an online productivity suite based on Libre Office, one of the most popular open-source replacements for Microsoft Office. Collabora Office, much like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, lets users collaborate on documents, letting them work simultaneously. But it is available as part of an enterprise suite available via apps that allow both online cloud-based as well as offline editing. In addition to desktop apps on Windows and Linux, Collabora Office can also be accessed using mobile apps on iOS and Android. And now, the office suite optimized for Chrome OS is available for Chromebooks via the Google Play Store.

Chrome OS has witnessed significant improvements since its launch in 2010 as a web-oriented operating system. Besides Google itself, companies such as Samsung and ASUS have been pumping the Chromebook segment with premium and performance-oriented machines, and this shows the potential for the Chrome OS’ growth. The same inspires Collabora to launch its office suite for Chromebooks. Although Chromebook users could already use Collabora Office on their laptops by running the Android app, this version comes with more optimizations and better performance.

Besides a rich package of features, Collabora also banks on privacy. It allows users to sync their documents directly onto privacy-friendly cloud storage options such as Nextcloud and ownCloud for storing documents instead of Google’s or Microsoft’s cloud storage. The company also seizes bragging rights by launching its Office apps ahead of native Microsoft Office apps for Chromebooks.

Collabora supports a variety of formats for documents including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOC, XLS, PPT, and ODF. Besides the desktop client, you can also use your enterprise account online in a web browser to view and edit documents. To try out the Collabora Office enterprise suite on your Chromebook, you can head over to their subscription page and request a demo. They have plans starting at 17€ per user for SMBs with special offers for bigger enterprises, schools, and NGOs.

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