Collabora Office suite gets a new layout for Android tablets and Chromebooks

Collabora Office suite gets a new layout for Android tablets and Chromebooks

Collabora Office is a popular open-source alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. It’s based on Libre Office, and it’s available on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. This year in July, a major update for the office suite brought support for Chrome OS devices. Now, the team behind Collabora Office is rolling out another significant update that introduces a new layout for Android tablets and Chromebooks.

As per a recent press release shared by the team, Collabora Office 6.4 is now rolling out to users. The update brings a new user interface for Android tablets and Chromebooks, which includes a new NotebookBar for Android tablets and iPads, a user-friendly tab layout, and improvements to loading speed for large documents.


Collabora Office NotebookBar for tablets

Additionally, the update brings interoperability improvements for Microsoft documents on mobile devices and Chromebooks, including support for gradient backgrounds in slides, semitransparent text, and better SmartArt support. On top of all that, the update also brings Dark Mode support on Android, which switches some of the UI elements and backgrounds to a darker theme.

Collabora Office on Android Dark Mode

For Chrome OS users, the latest Collabora Office update brings a floating action button for easier access, an interactable “create new documents” button, scroll support using the trackpad and touch screen, and keyboard shortcut support. The update further includes miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements that you can see in the changelog section below.

Collabora Office 6.4 changelog

  • General improvements
    • Major upgrade to the new 6.4 core
    • New tablet UI featuring a NotebookBar
    • Improved MS Office interoperability
    • Better keyboard, mouse and trackpad support
    • Numerous fixes and improvements all over the place
  • Improvements for Android app
    • Base theme available as dark mode in the settings
    • New UI on Android tablets (NotebookBar)
    • “Save as” option now available in edit mode
    • Fix: Keyboard will not cove active cell in Calc
    • You can now past images from Chrome
    • Fixed display errors when pasting plain text from other apps
  • Improvements for Chrome OS
    • The floating action button (+) is now larger and repositioned to not interfere with notifications
    • “Create new documents” labels are now tappable
    • Trackpad and touch screen scrolling is now supported
    • Better keyboard, mouse and trackpad support
    • Cut/copy/paste keyboard shortcuts are now working properly
    • Text area focus issues fixed
  • Improvements for iOS
    • New UI on iPads (NotebookBar)
    • Third-party fonts (installed by apps) can be selected
    • Starting to make use of “multitasking” features: it is now possible to have multiple documents open at the same time in the app

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