ColorOS 6 Beta with Android 10 available for Oppo Reno in India

ColorOS 6 Beta with Android 10 available for Oppo Reno in India

It’s been over a month since Google first rolled out a stable build of Android 10 for its Pixel devices. Since then several manufacturers, including Essential, OnePlus, and Xiaomi have released their own stable Android 10 updates for select devices. However, due to the current state of updates in the Android ecosystem, most other manufacturers are lagging far behind. Samsung has announced the One UI 2.0 beta based on Android 10 for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series, LG has launched the Android 10 preview for the LG G8 ThinQ, and similarly, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Honor have also started rolling out beta updates for a handful of devices. Now, Chinese manufacturer Oppo has also joined the fray and is rolling out ColorOS 6 beta based on Android 10 to the Oppo Reno in India.


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As per a recent post on the ColorOS community, the trial version of ColorOS 6 is now available for testing on the Oppo Reno. In case you have the device, you can now update to the trial version and experience Android 10 for yourself.

To do so, you’ll first need to update your phone to the latest stable build available. Then you’ll have to navigate to the Software Updates section in the device settings and tap on the setting cog in the top right corner. In the following page, tap on the Trial Version option, fill in the required information and then tap on Apply Now. Once your application is successful, you’ll see the ColorOS 6 update in the Software Update section. However, Oppo is offering the trial version to a limited number of users, so you might not see this option if the quota is full.

Here’s the complete changelog for ColorOS 6 based on Android 10:

  • Display & Brightness
    • Adds Dark Mode, a set of dark color schemes, delivers an all-new visual experience for you.
    • Adds Screen-Off Clock options for personalizing your lock screen.
  • System
    • Multi-Screen Interaction has been renamed Screen Cast and user instructions have been added.
    • Swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen to switch between recently used apps.
    • Adds Brand new system animations, animations are more rich and exquisite.
    • Adds Brand new charging animation to create a visually smoother experience.
    • Tap a blank area on the Recent Tasks screen to go back to the Home screen.
    • Optimized sounds to pair more naturally with the UI design.
  • Screencast
    • Adds Multi-screen interactive upgrades to screencast, new instructions for use, easy to master function points.
  • Game Space
    • Restyled the launch screen with vibrant animations and dazzling visuals.
  • Security
    • Adds SOS Helper: Emergency contacts will receive a call once you are in danger.
    • Adds an Emergency Call button on the power off-screen.
    • Adds Passwords function: Encrypt all app accounts and passwords you save to Passwords. Passwords will autofill this information when you sign in to your apps.
  • Notification Bar
    • Adds Hide Status Bar icons for silent notifications.
    • Optimized the Quick Settings interface for easier one-handed operation.
  • Screen record
    • Adds Screenrecord shortcut setting button, for fast and intuitive operation.
    • Adds the Pause option in screen record.
  • Screenshot
    • Adds Support to original keep/delete the original image after editing the screenshot.
    • Adds Screenshot sound On/Off option.
    • New screenshot interaction: After taking a screenshot, swipe up and release to share it, or swipe down and release to take a long screenshot.
  • Calculator
    • Adds Calculator floating window mode, floating window transparency can be adjusted, calculator interface is free to switch, the calculation is faster and more convenient.
  • File Manager
    • Adds a recent files list for you to easily browse newly added files.
  • Weather
    • Adds new animations and restyled the layout in Weather.
  • Recording
    • Adds Trim function in Recorder.
  • Home Screen
    • Adds Simple Mode for the Home screen. App icons are displayed larger and the screen layout is simplified.
    • Adds a series of new live wallpapers.
    • Adds Desktop swipe down now can custom Settings for Notification Center or Global Search.
  • HeyTap Cloud
    • Adds cloud services. Files and important data can be saved to the cloud for access on all devices.
    • Cloud Service has been renamed HeyTap Service.
  • Clock
    • Adds options to select where you want to display Dual Clock.
  • Communications
    • A random MAC is provided for your phone when connected to Wi-Fi to block targeted ads and improve privacy protection.
    • Adds a drawer in “Messages” that merges different functions and settings.
    • Adds Contact support last name avatar display
    • Optimized SIM card and data management.
    • Optimized the Contacts interface for more conciseness and efficiency.
  • Camera
    • Optimized the UI for you to easily set and use frequently used functions.

Source: ColorOS Community

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