A community-designed OnePlus jacket will launch alongside the OnePlus 8T

A community-designed OnePlus jacket will launch alongside the OnePlus 8T

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OnePlus relies heavily on its community of fans to constantly improve its products, both on the hardware and software level. The company is known for hosting regular Open Ears forums around the world to directly engage with community members for feedback and it recently launched the new IDEAS program to get user input on new software features for OxygenOS. On top of that, OnePlus regularly hosts contests on its forums and social channels to keep the community engaged and reward its most loyal fans. In keeping with the trend, OnePlus has now announced a new contest over on its forums asking its community to co-design a OnePlus jacket which will be launched alongside the OnePlus 8T.

If you’re interested in taking part in the design contest, you’ll first need to sign up for contest-related notifications before June 5 by following this link. Then you can download the jacket template from the forum post linked below or you can use the online tool here. Once you have the template, you can add elements related to the “We and OnePlus” theme to create your unique design. After you’re done creating your design, you’ll need to save it as a .PNG file and submit it via this link before June 15 20:00 EST.

OnePlus’ internal review board will judge the submitted designs based on three attributes — relevancy to the theme, creativity, and aesthetics. For your design to qualify for this stage, it will have to feature the OnePlus logo, be original and have not been used for any other contests or IP, and the file submitted should be over 120 PPI. All participants who submit a design will be awarded 200 community points, while the top 8 entries will be rewarded 1000 community points.

The top 8 shortlisted entries will also be featured on OnePlus’ social channels and the final winners will receive a special edition of the community jacket. Additionally, the final winners will get a VIP ticket to the next offline launch event (most likely for the OnePlus 8T series), including return flight tickets and one-night accommodation. The company will select two winners based on a community vote on the OnePlus forums and Twitter. It’s also worth noting that OnePlus won’t be selling the community jackets and they will only be offered to users who are active in both online and offline community activities. The company will release more details about how you can win a community jacket at a later date.

Source: OnePlus forums