How Do Bose Headphones Compare To Apple AirPods?

How Do Bose Headphones Compare To Apple AirPods?

The Apple AirPods are the most popular wireless earbuds on the market right now. But they aren’t your only option when it comes to truly wireless earbuds. The market has quickly become flooded with different options for wireless earbuds- most being in the budget range, but some high-end options that act as competition for the AirPods. Let’s take a look at the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds and see how they stack up against the Apple AirPods.

How Do Bose SoundSport Free Compare To Apple AirPods?

Bose is one of the most reputable names in headphones and is known for its quality. With the SoundsSport Free earbuds (sometimes incorrectly referred to as ‘Bose Airpods’), they made a wireless headset that is water-resistant and has a comparable battery life to AirPods. The Bose SoundSport Free earbuds are definitely targeted more towards people looking for a workout solution, while AirPods are more for everyday use.

Bose SoundSport Free

Apple AirPod Pros

Apple AirPods 2

When it comes to comfort, the Bose wireless earbud set will fit in your ears and stay there a little bit better. They are designed to be snug and withstand your workout routines. See the chart below to see how they compare to the AirPods and AirPod Pros.

FeaturesBose SoundSport FreeApple AirPods 2Apple AirPods Pro
Weight0.6 oz0.1 oz0.2 oz
Sound OutputStereoStereoStereo
Remote Control FunctionNext / Previous TrackNext / Previous TrackNext / Previous Track
Maximum Run Time5 hours run time5 hours run time5 hours run time
FeatureWith Microphone, With Rechargeable BatteryWith Microphone, With Rechargeable BatteryWith Microphone, Noise Canceling

The downside of the Bose SoundSport Free is many people would consider them very ugly compared to the AirPods. They offer multiple different designs, all of which are equally unattractive.

Design options for the Bose SoundSport Free

If you’re in the market for some wireless earbuds, compare the options from Bose and Apple and see which solution will fit your lifestyle.

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