Compile Your Own Kernel From Source with Comprehensive Tutorial

Compile Your Own Kernel From Source with Comprehensive Tutorial

One glance at any developer section of any device forum on XDA and you’ll find countless custom kernels handcrafted by XDA members. For the newcomer, this could be quite the treasure trove among the interwebz for them to play with. However, as much fun as they can provide, they could also be quite daunting to the aspiring developer who simply does not know where to start. If you feel this may be you, you should definitely check out XDA Senior Member Eliminator79’s kernel compiling tutorial.

Eliminator79 has written a great tutorial teaching you how to compile a kernel from source with a slight focus on Sony devices–although this tutorial can also be used for other devices. The tutorial is broken down into seven main parts being:

  1. Installing Ubuntu (within Windows OS)
  2. Downloading the source code
  3. Installing libraries
  4. Preparing the toolchain
  5. Adding features to the kernel
  6. Compiling
  7. Testing the kernel

Additionally, for the visual learners, Eliminator79 has included screenshots and examples of code to accompany each step of the way.

If you’re keen on learning how to compile your own kernel from source or are simply curious as to what the process is behind it, then head over to the kernel compiling tutorial thread to get started.

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