Compile PhilZ Touch 6 Recovery for any MediaTek Device Yourself

Compile PhilZ Touch 6 Recovery for any MediaTek Device Yourself

PhilZ Touch Recovery is one of the most popular CWM-derived custom recoveries available for Android devices. With a plethora of compatible devices and being fully open source, anyone can try to get it working on their device if it isn’t available already. Fortunately, if you find yourself in a situation where you want to use PhilZ Touch but don’t know where to start, there’s now a tutorial that shows you how to compile the recovery for any Android device with a MediaTek SoC.

Written by Senior Member yuweng, the tutorial is comprehensive and detailed in its explanation of the steps necessary to compile PhilZ Touch for your device. It also provides a background of what PhilZ Touch recovery is for any newcomers, a quick rundown of the compilation process, and the tools required. The tutorial is accompanied with plenty of examples of code and screenshots along with other helpful information and links. Additionally, yuweng provides some additional information that you may find helpful, such as some miscellaneous tips and even a case study.


If you own a device with a MediaTek chip and are looking for a tutorial on compiling PhilZ Touch Recovery for your device, yuweng’s tutorial is a great place to start. Head over to the PhilZ Touch 6 for MediaTek devices tutorial thread for more information.


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