Console OS Brings Android to Your PC

Console OS Brings Android to Your PC

Android was always considered as a mobile operating system. While phones and tablets are over 95% of devices running Android, developers put lots of effort to make Google’s OS available for other platforms. You’ve probably heard of Bluestacks, which brings the Android world to PCs, Macs and TVs. The American company is just one of the many brands that ports the Android OS to personal computers.

In June 2014, the Console OS team launched its Kickstarter campaign for a system that can co-exist with Windows on PC and tablets. The initial $50,000 goal was funded, with almost $30,000 tip in just a few weeks. Developers got to work and few months before the official launch, the OS was made public. Here’s a table showing the differences between Console OS and other, popular Android distributions for PCs.



As you can see, Console OS supports such things as the dual boot with Windows 8.1, dual app support, OpenGL ES 3 support and more. What is even more important, you can try it on your device for free.

Console OS can be installed on USB 3.0 hard disk for testing. The system may work on almost every PC, but here’s a list of notebooks and Windows tablets that are officially supported by the Console OS team.

The mentioned list doesn’t include all devices that are officially supported. The Console OS team is working on bringing support to over forty notebooks and tablets using different boards like NUC, Gigabyte and MSI. Console OS is based on Android 4.4, but an update to Lollipop is currently in the works.

You can test the operating system yourself. Head over to the download page to get the images and installation instructions. What do you think about Android on personal computers? Is it a good idea and the future of less powerful units or perhaps yet another toy to play with? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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