Contest Follow-Up: Free LeaseWeb Server Trials

Contest Follow-Up: Free LeaseWeb Server Trials

For those unfamiliar with LeaseWeb, XDA-Developers uses them to host our entire website by utilizing a dedicated private rack that contains 15 IBM hexa-core servers. Our private rack features a tailor-made switch setup, which consists of two switches joined together by a virtual chassis with a 10GE uplink. It is thanks to this setup through LeaseWeb that XDA pages serve reliably and quickly, despite the huge volume of traffic we experience each day. If you’re curious about the specific details or our configuration (which any geek would find interesting), we wrote Under the Hood at XDA which goes into further detail.

You might recall that last year we did a contest with our hosting company, LeaseWeb, to give away five server trials to XDA members that were in need of equipment to do certain development projects. We even gave away a Moto 360 to the top winner, alireza7991, who planned to use the LeaseWeb server to build both a configurable cross-compiler as well as his custom OS that lets you run a linux distribution on your Android phone. Cool stuff.

We’re prepping prizes for this year’s contest and plan to begin within the next couple weeks. In the meantime, here are some comments from some of the other winners from last year. Here’s what we found!

The server was fantastic, served all my compilation needs in no time. I used it to develop for Android One the CM12.1 port, custom kernel for Android One and Sony Xperia L. [The server itself] was definitely powerful, maybe more than powerful, just like Leaseweb says on their site. Really thankful to XDA and Leaseweb for the opportunity.


We’ve been using it for the same project idea [that we spoke of during the contest]. We still have the hosting there [after all this time], and everyone is satisfied with it. Everything has been stable and I love their admin panel.


I ended up using the trial to compare speeds [of LeaseWeb] to some other Web hosts I use. In the end the experience was nice. The actual service provided was enjoyable and I was happy with the performance of the VPS.


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