Continued Conversations for Google Home is rolling out in multiple countries

Continued Conversations for Google Home is rolling out in multiple countries

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Google is a worldwide company whose products and services are made available to billions of people. With that said, the company does get a lot of flack when they announce a brand new feature as they typically limit it to select markets (usually the United States). Similarly to how they do phased rollouts, this gives them the ability to test things out on a limited number of people before rolling it out to everyone and then realizing they left a critical bug that breaks devices or annoys people. One of the features they did this for is known as “Continued Conversations” for their Google Home family of products, but we are now seeing it is rolling out to other countries including Belgium and Denmark.

The Google Home series of products can be very handy and I personally enjoyed having a full-size version sitting on my desk right after it launched. However, I had to unplug it and put it on the shelf after a few months due to YouTube videos triggering it. Another annoyance was always having to repeat ‘OK, Google’ immediately after asking it a question if I wanted to do multiple commands. That’s where Continued Conversations comes into play. Google Assistant will continue listening for a short time after the first command so you can give another without saying “OK, Google” again.

Routines was another one of those handy features that was added which made me want to start using Google Home again and this began rolling out to other countries including India, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia. That feature continues to spread throughout additional markets as does the Continued Conversation feature too. We’re seeing reports in the Google Home subreddit that says the Continued Conversations feature is now working in countries like Belgium, Denmark, Hong Kong, Australia, Croatia, and many more. Although, it seems as if the device needs to be set to the English language for it to work in these additional countries.

Not only that, but there are a couple of reports saying it has worked in Poland and the Netherlands for a while now but has recently been disabled. So it’s clear that Google is working on expanding the availability of Continued Conversations to their Google Home customers, but there may be some bugs that they are currently working on that could make them remove the feature until they get fixed. Google will likely demo this feature again on the Google Home Hub.

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