Control Big Devices with Just One Hand with Xposed

Control Big Devices with Just One Hand with Xposed

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As we all know, it’s growing increasingly difficult to get our hands on small, but still powerful devices. Featuring speedy processors as well as Full HD and soon even QHD screens, devices are getting bigger and bigger. Right now, a 6-inch phone is nothing unusual. Of course, having a big screen is great for media consumption, but everything has its pros and cons. As such, big devices are very often extremely difficult to use with just one hand.

Thanks to an Xposed Module written by XDA Senior Member hamzahrmalik, this is no longer an issue. With this modification, users are allowed to move content around the screen. The only element that can’t be moved is a status bar. The module forces applications to use pixel paddings, so they can open in the certain, smaller area of the screen.

In future releases, the developer is planning to add the ability to whitelist and blacklist certain apps from this functionality. With this module, practically every task can be done with one hand on even the very largest devices. Naturally, you must be rooted and have Xposed installed in order to use this module.

You can get started by visiting the original thread or downloading the module directly from the Xposed repository.