Control Your Android Device with Tilts and Flips

Control Your Android Device with Tilts and Flips

There’s certainly been a new wave of apps focused on alternative device navigation and control, harnessing the previously overlooked potential and capabilities of internal sensors. The most obvious and popular options would definitely be the proximity sensor, originally used only to prevent unintentional contact with the phone screen during calls. With it, we’ve covered many apps and mods that utilize the sensor to allow users to perform a whole host of actions.

One alternative that we haven’t seen many novel uses for is the accelerometer. Most commonly used for screen rotation, XDA Senior Member voriax decided to utilize it in Magus, an app that triggers actions on your Android device in response to tilts and flips.

With Magus activated, you’ll be able to perform a series of tilts and flips to compose Emails, mute audio, open the default picture gallery, and pause and play music. These combinations can be customized through the designated settings panel, and can be turned on and off, and deleted if you wish. Magus also has a wide range of settings, including adjusting the sensitivity of the gravity sensor, activating ‘pocket protection,’ and more.

It’s a pretty revolutionary idea actually, as it creates more choices for those who are looking for alternative ways to control their devices, or aren’t able to use a device otherwise because of disabilities. The latter has been attested to by voriax, who cites that Magus has been used by those with visual impairments to perform actions that we take for granted, such as dialing a phone number.

If you would like to give this a go, make sure to visit the application thread for more information and download.


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