Cool & Forgotten Features of the HTC 10

Cool & Forgotten Features of the HTC 10

In this video, Jared takes us on a tour through the HTC 10 and show us some of the most awesome features in the phone. If you’re not in the mood for a video, here is a condensed overview of each feature that is shown.

USB Connection


Toggle fast file transfers using a USB 3.1 cable. By default this feature is turned off but you can change this in your device settings. The reason this is toggled off by default is because it can cause some interference with your data and cellular connection. So be sure that you can go without calls and internet while you’re transferring data.

High Performance


After enabling Developer Options on your HTC 10, you can enable High Performance mode which will give you an little more power for when you’re running more intensive apps, essentially topping up your processor’s frequency more leniently.

Color Profile


Choose between Vivid and sRGB color profiles. Tweak the intensity of your color temperature by adjusting a slider until it looks perfect.

Navigation Backlight


By default, the backlight for your navigation bar will time out if it isn’t being used. You can change this in your settings by switching it to Always on when screen is on.

Recents Button


You can customize the behavior of your recents button. Specify what events the press and press and hold actions trigger.

HTC Connect


HTC connect is a menu where you can manage all of your connections that you would use to stream media.

Motion Launch


These optional gestures can be enabled to trigger different events in your phone.

Drag, Swipe, Drop


Arranging icons on the home screen has always been a massive pain for me. Dragging your apps to the side of the screen and waiting for the screen to turn is very annoying. HTC made an obvious improvement by letting you swipe to the next screen while you’re holding your app.

Custom Sound Profile


Setup a sound profile that will be activated when you plug your headphones in.

Enhanced RAW


Shoot images in RAW format then activate RAW Enhanced to get significantly higher quality images.

High-Res Audio


High-Res audio makes a significant difference in the quality of your audio when you’re filming a video. With the 4K video capability it only makes sense to have superb audio to pair it with.



HTC’s version of the Beauty Mode is called Makeup and it improves your photos on a more subtle level, by polishing up blemishes or animal attack marks on your face.

How many of these features do you use on your HTC 10? Let us know in the comments.

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