CopperheadOS’ Android Pie update is now available for the Pixel & Pixel 2

CopperheadOS’ Android Pie update is now available for the Pixel & Pixel 2

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One of the beauties about the Android operating system is the open-source nature, meaning that anyone can fork the code, change it, and redistribute it. Some people, like developers on the XDA forums, use it for providing users with the latest and greatest Android experience on officially unsupported devices. Some companies are also releasing different versions of Android for a lot of different devices. CopperheadOS is one of them, and they took a very interesting approach a long time ago. CopperheadOS is focused entirely on providing users with the best security measures possible on the software. Just now, they updated the system to the Android Pie.

Currently, CopperheadOS only supports 4 devices: Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. You can actually buy these devices on Copperhead’s website with the system already installed, or just download the image and flash it by yourself. Obviously, Pixel devices already have the official Android Pie update, but CopperheadOS’ flavor is heavily focused on security. The update adds yet another security-focused feature called Security Flags, which includes information about the statuses of SELinux, verified boot, and theft protection.

A more regular-user-oriented addition is the update of the updater application itself. It now includes a progress bar, let’s you manually check for updates, the option to stay on the previous major stable CopperheadOS release, and more. According to Copperhead, this is a step taken to solve the fragmentation problem on the devices. Android 9-based CopperheadOS also includes an application which lets you backup and encrypt all your data locally via ADB. The cloud backup solution will soon be added thanks to the yet anonymous partnership deal.

If you already use CopperheadOS, you should have received the update by now. Factory images will be available later for manually downloading and flashing.

Source: Copperhead Blog