CopyCat Voice Changer App Arrives on Windows Phone 7

CopyCat Voice Changer App Arrives on Windows Phone 7

Among Android and iPhone users alike, voice changers are some of the most popular apps around. However, Windows Phone 7 is yet to see much love from developers of the recognised names of these apps – something which has luckily caused new developers to step in.

XDA forumer babyjustine‘s CopyCat application for WP7 is available in both ad-supported (but free) and premium (but ad-free) varieties. It features a simple layout, that is much in keeping with the general Windows Phone interface, but its list of features make it a must-have for many.

While also having its fun usages, CopyCat’s most useful purpose is as a voice recorder. The developer claims that there is unlimited recording and fast loading times, with a customisable playback speed with which to make funny voices.

To try CopyCat out, simply search for it in the Zune Marketplace. The application thread contains more information about its release.

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