Crayta will be the first game with Stadia’s “State Share” multiplayer feature

Crayta will be the first game with Stadia’s “State Share” multiplayer feature

Google announced Stadia with a long list of exciting features, but many of those features were not present at launch. “State Share” is one of them and it will finally be coming next month with a game called Crayta. State Share makes it easy to join your friend’s multiplayer games.

Like State Share, Crayta was also announced for the Stadia platform a while ago. In fact, it was announced back in April as one of Google’s “First on Stadia” exclusives. That means it won’t be available on any other platform for a while. The game is finally launching on July 1st, and it’s bringing support for State Share along with it. In terms of actual gameplay, Crayta is a collaborative game that allows people to come together and build worlds.


Since Stadia is a cloud-based game streaming service, Google made it possible to simply share a link to allow friends to join a game. The game’s Publishing Director, Chris Swan, explains how they are using State Share (which is in beta) along with their own Share Codes feature. Players can request a link at any time and there are a number of cool things they can do with it:

  • A player who has made a game can share a link on social media. This link launches Stadia and takes them directly into a session of that game on Crayta.
  • Someone making a game over a number of sessions just wants to launch directly into create mode each time they launch Crayta, so they create a link to save as a Chrome bookmark.
  • A streamer is having fun creating a game and wants to get more people involved. They generate and share a temporary link that takes people directly into their edit session. When the streamer finishes the link expires.
  • A YouTuber wants their viewers to come and join in their play session, so they generate and share a link in chat. People clicking on the link will be taken to the exact session that the streamer is in (note: if the server is full they will be taken to a new instance of the same game).

These different examples are using different types of links, which can be seen in the chart below.

Crayta will automatically know which type of link to create so the player doesn’t have to do anything special. As mentioned, Crayta is coming to Stadia on July 1st with State Share Beta. The game will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers and it costs $40 for everyone else.

Source: Medium, Crayta | Via: Android Police

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