Create ARChon Ready Packages on Your Android Device

Create ARChon Ready Packages on Your Android Device

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A few days ago, we talked about ARChon. This extremely interesting project allows users to install Android applications right on the Chrome browser and use them on any operating system. This modified runtime can be used both by developers and users for educational, work, or simply “fun” purposes.

One of the most problematic aspects of ARChon was app conversion. It required a bit of a knowledge and executing some commands in command prompt. This can now be considered history, since the XDA Senior Member bpear96 has made an application that creates ARChon packages on the fly right on your Android device. As a result, you will get an ARChon ready package that can be copied at your computer and run directly through Chrome Browser.

This application is at very early stage of development and still has some minor issues to be polished. They aren’t serious though, so you can enjoy its functionality and play with ARChon runtime a bit. No root or any additional software is required – this application works right out of the box.

You can get the application by visiting the Chrome APK Packager-Generates Chrome Packages from Apps installed on your phone application thread.