Create Custom Links to System Settings Pages with Advanced Settings Shortcut

Create Custom Links to System Settings Pages with Advanced Settings Shortcut

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As much progress as Android’s UI has made over the past few years, many relatively experienced users still find the Settings menu a bit cumbersome to traverse. And even if you know exactly where every single setting resides, why should you have to tap the screen so many times to perform a simple task like toggling rotation lock?

Luckily, XDA Senior Member Jubakuba created a simple, yet powerful app that allows you to create customized shortcuts to any system setting on your device. The aptly titled Advanced Settings Shortcut offers a few basic actions in its settings shortcut arsenal. These include toggling quiet hours, rotation lock, unlimited screen timeout, and active display on supported devices. However, the real beauty of Jubakuba’s solution is in customization.

In addition to the basic included functionality, Advanced Settings Shortcut also allows you to change practically any settings parameter on your ROM, so long as it has a link in System Settings. While this functionality is admittedly much more difficult to set up than simply relying on built-in links, Jubakuba has provided example links to the Settings Java files for AOKP, OmniROM, CyanogenMod, and ParanoidAndroid so that you can find the appropriate names more easily.

This useful app is normally a paid application available via Google Play. However, the developer was kind enough to include a free full version of the application for members of the XDA community. You can get started by visiting application thread!