Learn How to Make a Live Wallpaper all by Yourself

Learn How to Make a Live Wallpaper all by Yourself

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Still images can be beautiful, but some of you prefer to see animations on your screens. This is why Google decided to add live wallpaper support to Android back in version 2.1. They became are a vital part of Android ages ago, even before Holo was unveiled in Honeycomb and refined in Ice Cream Sandwich and beyond. There are numerous wallpapers available in Google Play Store and XDA forum alike–including some that pull images from your social networks. Most of them, however, can’t be used for coding educational purposes since they have closed source code.

Since XDA is a place where we are looking for every opportunity to learn something new, many would like to learn how to create your own live wallpaper. Such opportunity has been given by XDA Senior Member sylsau, who created a live wallpaper that is fully open-sourced and waiting for you to put your fingers on it. If you are looking for more, there is a surprise waiting for you. Sylsau recorded a video showing the full process of development and uploaded it to YouTube.

The live wallpaper made by sylsau is a rather simple one, so you can use this project as a perfect place to start your Android development journey. Prepare your Eclipse or other IDE and coffee. We are going to code!

You can find an app, source code, and video tutorial in the Clock Live Wallpaper application thread.