Create Personalized Themes for your Samsung Device with themeDIY

Create Personalized Themes for your Samsung Device with themeDIY

With substratum advancing into the world of no-root, theming (or “ricing,”) one’s Android smartphone has climbed up the list of priorities. Although an extension to the popular Substratum theme engine, named “sungstratum,” is live already, XDA Member satishtony decided to create a do-it-yourself theme creator called “themeDIY” for all Samsung devices running Samsung’s official software based on Android Marshmallow or Nougat. That includes the flagship Samsung Galaxy and Note series, but also the J/C/A series of Samsung smartphones. There are hundreds of different theme possibilities using this new application!


Alright, what does themeDIY help us theme?

themeDIY, at the time of this writing, lets one theme more than 35 system application overlays and more than 10 third-party applications’ overlays. In addition, a universal selector for having either a “Light” theme or a “Dark” theme activated is available as well. Moreover, there’s more than a thousand pre-defined colors to pick from coupled with an archive of all the themes’ source files.

Sounds interesting, but how do I build a theme using themeDIY, though?

In order to build a theme for yourself using themeDIY, one must first select individual colors for system applications followed by selecting colors for third-party applications. After selecting the colors, one must select the necessary overlays, give the theme a catchy name, and then build it. Once the build executes without issue, one must activate the theme via Trial and disable the stock Theme Center in order to keep the theme on your system.

Install themeDIY

Head over to the XDA Forum post to find yourself a comprehensive list of all the third-party and system applications themed, libraries used, and enhanced instructions. You’ll also find the forum post handy for interacting with the developer if you need to reach out to them.

Give the application a try and let us know about your experience with themeDIY!

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